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Was it really in August that I last made an update about Berlin? Is it possible I'm getting even worse at this travel blogging thing? The Dresden update aside, I sadly think the answer to both those questions is "yes".

Since my last update about Berlin, I have: been to several street fairs; seen the City of Bones movie; visited the Berlin Zoo and the Empty Library at Bebelplatz; *finally* managed to get inside the Reichstag and its Glaskuppel; had dinner with some lovely friends of Chelsea's from Canberra; explored the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and the lovely near-by town of Brandenburg; visited Schloss Charlottenburg and its beautiful gardens; finished the third season of Castle (I know, I know, I'm very behind, so no spoilers!); and fallen in love with Berliner Dom (cathedral).

Empty Library Hackescher Hof Old pottery Pergamon Museum
(The Empty Library; Hackescher Hof; Really interesting old pottery at the Pergamon Museum)

Work, the Berliner Dom and BrandenburgCollapse )

***We interrupt your regularly scheduled Berlin programming to bring you a special update about Dresden***


I have always wanted to see more of Germany than just the main cities everyone visits (Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt - though I do love all three of these cities). Last Europe trip, I spent a day in Heidelberg. Later this trip, I have plans to visit parts of the Black Forest and the Rhine region. But the place I really had my heart set of visiting was Dresden. It's only about a two train trip from Berlin if you get a direct train, so last Friday night after I finished work, Chelsea and I met at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof to catch the train to Dresden for the weekend.

A brief history of DresdenCollapse )

The visual effect of the reconstruction of Dresden's Old Town is simply stunning. Chelsea and I are both in love with the city and its historic buildings. The Pension we stayed at was on the edge of the New Town (Neustadt), but on the Saturday we caught the tram across the River Elbe to the Old Town (Altstadt) and spent the whole day there. And part of Sunday as well. I took over 350 photos and Chelsea recorded over an hour and a half of video footage. We were in the city for less than 48 hours. Rather than trying to write about *everything* we did, I shall attempt to just give you the highlights reel (so to speak).

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Uh...hi. I have most definitely been extra slack lately at updating this blog! So I'm taking advantage of a quiet night at home by myself whilst Chelsea is visiting church friends in Bavaria to catch up!

I have now been in Germany for over a month. I celebrated the one month anniversary of being in Germany (23 August) by getting a cold and burning my finger. Yes, on the same day. But I still think it is a step-up from my last European trip, where it took me just over a week to get sick (and a lot sicker than I am this time round too) and a mere three days to mutilate my finger. On my one month anniversary of being in Berlin (25 August), Chelsea and I gave the apartment a thorough cleaning (we can now breathe without inhaling dust, yay!), before going to the English language cinema to see Despicable Me 2 and then to the Tiergarten. So that was a difficult but necessary morning, followed by an enjoyable afternoon.

024 Tiergarten 25 Aug
(Soviet Memorial and Carillon in the Tiergarten, Berlin's biggest park)

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I've been a bit slack at blogging about my travels lately. I felt like nothing that exciting was happening and so didn't have anything to say and now a lot has happened in the last few days and I don't know how I'll fit it all into one post!

First, a quick job update.Read more.Collapse )

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(I haven't uploaded my most recent photos from my camera to my computer, which is why this post is sadly lacking in photos. I might get a chance to upload them and add some tomorrow afternoon after Chelsea and I move apartments.)
Guten Tag everybody! Or, actually, guten Abend, as it is evening here in Berlin, Deutschland!

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Wow, I've been in Berlin for just over a week now! Sometimes it feels like time is going slowly; sometimes it feels like it's going fast. Things are going well so far. Chelsea and I have been doing a lot of exploring - of both our neighbourhood and the city centre - but we've also been taking time to relax in cafes or our favourite beer garden or in the apartment.

I might have a job interview today, which is both good and scary. I would like a job - more for the structure/routine than the money, but the money would also be nice - but I will have to speak German all the time (which is good and bad - probably more good than bad, but it's still a bit intimidating right now!) AND it's for an Indian restaurant and I *really* don't like curry! But, as they say, beggars can't be choosers and, worst case scenario, I work there for a bit, don't like it and quit. It will have no long term negative impact on me and I will have earned a bit of money and practiced my German.

But now for the more interesting bit of the post - photos! ;)

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I've been in Berlin for 5 days now and in the apartment for 3. I feel like I'm starting to settle in. I've spent a bit of time walking around the neighbourhood getting to know it. I know where most of the near-by supermarkets, bakeries and chemists are. I know most of the important train information that I need to know. Yesterday Chelsea and I discovered some nice little cafes that serve tea, as well as a really nice outdoor cafe/beer garden, so we're set on that front. We've started buying groceries. And yesterday I started applying for jobs. I need to do a lot more on that front over the next few days, but it's a start.<P>

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I flew into Frankfurt on Tuesday and then spent two nights there. I've been to Frankfurt before and quite liked it. I can't quite put my finger on why, given that it's quite a big city (and very obviously one, with the only skyscraper skyline in Germany) and I don't usually like big cities, but it doesn't feel like a big city to me. That's probably helped by the fact that I stayed in Sachsehausen across the river on both visits and spend most of my time there or in Romer, as opposed to the city proper (though it also has some interesting old buildings).

Frankfurt skyline
(Frankfurt skyline, with the old buildings of Romer on the right and the skyscrapers of the city on the left)

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If I want to say I'm keeping a travel blog, I guess I should actually make some posts!

This is my third day in Germany and my first in Berlin. To say there have been a lot of ups and downs so far would be an understatement and a half. The accommodation I thought I had successfully arranged for Berlin fell apart in spectacular fashion on my first day in the country (Tuesday). Since then, I have had to spend a lot of time and energy organising new accommodation, which luckily is all sorted now. I think I'll take it easy tomorrow (Friday), before I move into the first apartment on Saturday and my friend arrives on Sunday.

My two days in Frankfurt were quite nice (when I wasn't stressing about accommodation, that is). I really like it as a city. I'll hopefully post some pictures and details about it tomorrow.